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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [burps] [laughter] craig: i've decided to present this young lady with a book about kale or as we like to call it now -- >> scumawiki. craig: here is a tip, authors of book about kale, scumawiki. wait a minute. ey have huevos rancher owes in here. >> wait a minute.
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i was born in mexico. there. ou have me which part of mexico? >> mexico city. craig: ok. so it was mexico city and then kenya and then brooklyn and then massachusetts -- and then oscar i think. i think. [applause] good night, everybody. good night. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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should be 30 feet below sur" that was brian webb at lake this is kpix 5 news. in a goodyear, the water should be almost all the way up to the parking lot where the camera is. instead i'm standing in the middle of a lake bed that should be 30 feet below surface. >> that was kpix 5's brian web, and wait till you see what andrea shows us tonight. andrea. >> well, we are on to have one of the driest years ever in the recorded history of the bay area. we're talking 164 years of record. this is the driest. here in hayward, for example, last year we had over 9 inches of rain. this year so far over an inch of rain leaving about an 8-inch discrepancy starting to show up.
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>> the san luis reservoir, a storage capacity of more than 2 million acre feet of water. this year, not so much. >> this is dry. >> this is what a drought physically looks like. emerging from the center of a 500-not that's only a quarter full. >> well, it looks fun to kayak on because there are islands here that weren't here before. >> stretches of land that haven't seen sunlight in decades exposed >> what does 24% of capacity really mean? our right behind me should be completely drowned. >> no water story in california is crystal clear, and san luis's is equally murky. upstream prosect combine with federally-mandated water tlifly contracts in los angeles and santa clara county and to farmers in the central valley have left san luis the lowest
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it's been for years. >> i'm sitting on the dock, and the dock is sitting on gravel. despite guaranteed water deliveries, the main problem is mother nature. >> we had some rain probably about three weeks ago. it rained maybe all of four seconds. >> no rain, no snow packs, and a dwindling supply of water left to feed and nourish a thirsty state. >> this doesn't look good. >> andrea, kpix 5. >> there is still plenty of time to recover for the water year, but we are off to one of the slowest starts in history here in the bay area. rain fall did not amount to much at all. for most of you, a few drops on your windshield. 1 one hundred detd of an inch, that's it. we did not get measurable rain fall in the city makes it 52 days now without rain fall. the fourth-longest streak without rain in autumn, and nothing on the radar right now.
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kpix 5 high def doppler is dry. we zoom things out. the same ridge that took that rain fall and kept it to our north is moving closer to us, which means it will continue to block any storms heading our way. we'll talk about when it arrives and what it'll do to our forecast coming up. >> thank you, paul just when you thought things couldn't get any worse in the philippines, we hear about this. eight people were crushed to death after thousands stormed a warehouse. more than 1800 people are confirmed dead from typhoon haiyan including two americans. >> four days after the typhoon flattened this port city, many bodies still lay uncollected on the side of the road, wrapped in cloth. >> homes have just been torn apart. you can see through the homes that remain standing as -- as windows were just cracked and people are just sleeping out in the open. last night we slept on boxes of kwiments. >> well, a massive international relief effort is underway. there is little evidence of it
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on the ground. airport is open but badly damaged. no power means the planes ant land at night and aid workers are struggling to get supplies in. that didn't stop hundreds of survivors who rushed to the ruaned airport looking for food. others lined up hoping to be evacuated. by afternoon, the line stretched 3 miles long. bodies pulled from the rubble were lined up neatly. mor chairs are already overflowing. the situation grew more desperate by the hour. this mother in the nearby town wept over her dead child. her home is gone. >> we want to go back home, she said, but we can't, and i have nowhere to bury my child. >> this man traveled for three days searching for his wife and
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child. he found them alive. cbs news, the philippines. >> an incredible survival story tonight. this used to be the family's beach resort, just a shell is left. the tomorrow surge crumbled the building's 6-inch concrete wauls. when water started rising, the mayor and his family climbed into the ceiling space. >> water is going up so we had to go all the way in there where we climbed all the way up here. here. no. we had to move this over there to up here because almost to the ceiling here. >> people have started calling the mayor the ghost. they're so surprised he survived. kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the relief effort. we'll have a phone bank this thursday. details on our web site parts of the bay area got an
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afternoon jolt. a 2.9 magnitude quake struck near san ramon about 3:30 this amp. five minutes later there was a 2.1 quake fol leed by another stronger one in the same area. there have been at least three small earthquakes in san ramon in the past week. we asked the usgs is that a swarm. they said not exactly. you would need 7 or 8 quakes in a week for that. it's been a night full of police chases, this one in east oakland. the police rafter overturned at 82nd and bankroft. the driver got out and took off running. we have yet to hear if he's been caught. theven this one in richmond. joe vazquez tells us a silver dodge challenger blew through a red light and smashed into another car with two women inside. >> i'm here at the intersection of 6th and macdonald, an area known as the iron triangle. back there, you can see the accident scene. that silver car apparently
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t-boented the darker-colored car sending the two occupants to the hospital, a mother and a daughter. it all began with a police chase around 3:40 this afternoon, officers spotted a man wanted for a felony warntd. the cops say they tried to stop the car, but it sped off. the chase was on and ended up here at 6th and macdonald. paramedics rushed the mother and her daughter to area hospitals. the daughter, who is believed to be in her twenties, has critical injuries. police were able to capture the original suspect, the one with the warrant with the help of a police dog, the richmond police canine. he actually ended up biting the suspect. one man is still on the loose. if you have any information, you're asked to call the richmond police department. in richmond, joe vazquez kpix 5. i'm going to remove you from the case.
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>> city councilman noel shouted down for proposing a 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. sur few for teenagers to try to stop crime. even interim police chief is not on board with this one. he's been interim chief for six months now. what's going onto find a permanent chief? christin ayers went to find out. >> the meeting joe is running at oakland city hal is unlike any he's ever seen. >> the city administrator wanted to have a very public input process for what people want to see in the chief of police. >> eight meetings asking oaklanders what they want in their next chief. >> okay. i think oakland needs a police chief it can like. >> their feedback will go to recruiters. the only problem, at this meeting, only three people showed up although the city administrator's office insisted many more wagd in online. >> it absolutely says people don't niecely trust it's going
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to help. >> it's unclear how much p public's voice will matter. in court documents, the judge specified that frazier has ultimate control over the tis mrin, demotion or removal of the chief of police. we asked oakland's current chief about that. >> isn't it his word that will rule as opposed to the public's when it comes to hiring the chief? >> well, no. i mean, hiring an authority rests with the city so the city can appoint who they so choose. >> but can't he overturn that? >> i imagine he will have some input on that. >> that may be an understatement. after all, frazier was behind appointment in mae. he famously bootd anthony. remember him? he was appointed chief by the city then force today step down after a day and a half on the job. but oaklanders still have hope what what they say here will make a difference. >> it doesn't mean it's futile.
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>> interim chief says he plans to apply for the position of chief. the city or federal oversere shoold choose a chief by march. . 49ers linebacker looks like a changed man. this is smith's booking photo from september when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. now, this is a clean-shaven smith today dressed in a black suit when he appeared before a judge in san jose. he pleaded not guilty to three counts of possessing illegal firearms. prosecutors say the weapons were found inside smith's home last year. >> aldon is very interested in answering to these charges, and you have to understand that this is a process. today's court appearance was the first step in that process. >> prosecutors say the weapons are legal in arizona where smith purchased them but illegal in california. the original bay bridge opened 77 years og today, and for a birthday present, how about a wrecking ball? yeah, demolition on the old
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eastern span began today. first phase, 1400-foot section of the upper deck roadway. don't expect a big show to distract you while driving just yet. >> it won't be until next year when they start working on cutting it in half and really cutting it in half. then there will be something to see. >> the bridge lab delegate one because the old bridge sits so close to the new one. the entire demolition is expected to take about three years. you won't believe what india's top cop juts said about women. plus a security flaw we uncover that lets people access your old e-mail ktsz even your pass wards words. pass wards words. love it or hate
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*this .. during a news out legalizing gambl about 45 minutes ago this story came in from india, the country's top law enforcement officer is under fire for saying this during a news conference about legalizing gambling of all
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topics. "central bureau of investigation chief said, and we quote, "if you can't prevent rape, you might as well enjoy it." he says he was talking about gambling and his comment was taken out of coffin text. the comments caused immediate outrage across india. not too long ago there were huge protests after the deadly gang rape of young medical stay tuned on a bus. today we learned more than a million californians will lose their existing health insurance because of obama care. even former president bill clinton say it is white house needs to do the right thing. >> so i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> the president has apologized to people who lost coverage and says his team is looking at the number of options to fix the problem. when you sign you had for an
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e-mail address you may assume it's yours forever. turns out, that's not case. why you should think twice about those old accounts you haven't checked in yours. >> when yahoo recycled a batch of abandoned e-mail addresses earlier this year, leslie jumped at the chance to request her childhood name, but when she got it, she realized the e-mail address of her dreams was someone else's security nightmare. >> i started getting perm personal e-mails, phone kills. >> her new inbox quickly filled up with mail intended for the old rose bud including password resets, e-mails, even e-mail regarding obama care account. >> here is an e-mail from att to be read and only opened by her. >> it's a major privacy problem. >> the problem is people assume their e-mail address is theirs forever. >> the risk, now that they've got this new prauk tis of
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recycling e-mail addresses, is very high that things like other ktsz or personal information is going to end up in somebody else's hands. >> and yahoo is not alone. microsoft has been quietly recycling e-mail addresses for years, and it's becoming standard practices for many colleges. yahoo tries to notify users their e-mails would be recycled if they haven't logged in in over a year and says it took many precautions sending bounce backs and unsubscribing the accounts, but yahoo won't say how many addresses were reassigned or how many complaints like leslie's it's received. yahoo compares recycling e-mail addresses to moving. >> hey, when you mouf, you get mail sent to your old house and the new resident either forwarsd that mail or disposes of it. >> when you move you know you moved. when they take your e-mail address and recycle it, it's
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because you usually didn't know anything about it. >> the old rose bud clearly wasn't aware her e-mail address was recycled as she was still using it for password recovery. >> i don't have to reset it. it just gave it to me. >> but realized she wouldn't need a password. simply into her new e-mail address, click fort my pass ward and facebook would allow her to log into someone else's account. >> and while she wouldn't, she says this demonstrates why web sites should rethink using e-mail for password authentication. as for leslie, she's rethinking her decision. julie wauts, kpix 5. >> leslie says she will never use that e-mail address ever again electronic cigarettes are
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catching more heat after another e-cig exploded inside a car. take a look at this. melted plastic and big black hole is what's left of an oregon couple's backseat. they left the device charging in a truck then boom. >> had enough power and momentum to shoot all the way through into the backseat. >> i'm just glad my grand kids weren't in the backseat. >> luckily no one was inside. well, one bay area community is about to do its own take on burning man. >> kiet do shows us something that's never been done before. kiet. >> yeah. we had been watching people gawk at this thing all night long. it is huge. three stories tall. it used to be oo a burning man. here it is leave in town town palo alto. it's crazy to this this whole thing got start by two kids and a dream. it does not get anymore grass roots than this. >> it all started when jewel yeah and sam now nine and 11 years old saw photos of aurora the tree taken and told their
1:58 am
dad they wanted to see it for themselves. >> can we go see it and, well, it doesn't have a place to say. so then we said, well, why can't we bring it to palo alto? that's how it all got started. >> very simple question. >> so began a two-year-long process where the kids themselves pitched sponsors and tried to convince the palo alto art commission a 35-foot tree with 40,000 lights would be a good idea. whatever they said, it worked. >> you guys pretty proud of yourselves? >> extremely. >> when it's done, anyone with a smart phone can go to a web site and change the colors and so on. for creator charles, putting a vulnerable piece of art out in the public is a lethal fate. >> it's like believing that society is not, you know, here to be destructive and that they are willing to be respectful and -- and allow this thing to live. >> if for some reason you don't
1:59 am
like the tree. >> that's the beauty of temporary public art that you can do things really bold and outside the box and it'll come down in a year so wait it out >> the public tree lighting ceremony is on saturday. testiveties start at 3:00. the actual ceremony start at 5:00. if you want to make a donation, you can go to aurora palo back to you. >> seems peft for the holidays with all those lights. >> perfect timing. lovely. >> imeem curious. are kids allowed to climb on it? looks like it sort of doubles as a jungle gym. >> we should make a point, do not climb on this thing. >> okay. >> the artists let them climb up there because they were part of the whole thing. that's the last time they'll be able to climb up on that. >> okay. >> it's delicate. it'll break. >> it's for observing from afar, enjoying. >> exactly. >> all right. >> precisely. >> thank you. well, you know, you got to have rules. >> yeah.
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>> you know, it has all those little bars on it chl looks like it'd be pretty fun to climb. >> an adventurous child will try to find his way up there regardless of the rules b, but we will see. well, you know what, the tree doesn't need to be watered. that's a good thing in this pattern. we are clear tonight, rain free on the radar. what a beautiful shot of the bay lights and bridge. oakland, dry. trace of rain fall this morning. our reservoir levels are dropping. look at where we were in march. 5% above our historical average for that time of year. now, we've fallen through the summer into autumn all the way down to 62% of normal lake shasta. 43% lower than where we were just 8 months achlth rain in the forecast? no. norm sunshine for you in hayward. 67 degrees. more sunshine and mid to upper 60s on thursday. so we had a front pass by to our north, but the main focus of the jet stream energy stayed to the north because of that ridge of high pressure. it still kind of exerted an
2:01 am
influence on our weather. now, it's coming back exactly where it was in all of october, exactly where it was beginning of november is where it's heading back beginning tomorrow. the storm track will be well to our north. sunny skys and no rain fall. the next front will get here on saturday. it will impact your weekend. going to be cloudier and cooler for first half of the weekend fwushgs rain kept at bay or away from the bay in this case to your north because of that ridge of high pressure will not yield its territory to anything else. mainly sun sni eny. dry through friday. get cloudier on saturday. won't be as warm either as that next brush with rain fall moves through, but the rain going to stay to our north. tomorrow hump day. nice day to get outside. 67 in the city. san jose you isle hit 71. campbell 73. palo alto with that tree 69 degrees. walnut creek 75. pleasanton, pittsburgh 74. 71 tomorrow mill valley. berkeley 68 and 73 your high tomorrow in windso r. here is your extended forecast.
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in some parts of california. or it could get you a whole town! seneca.. wn 225,000 bucks could get you a pretty decent house in some parts of california or it could get you a whole town. >> seneca, an old gold mining town is for sale on craig's list. >> yeah. a quarter-million bucks will get you 12 acres of privately-owned land complete with a gold mine, three cabins and some scenic grounds along the river. the teal also includes a working gin distillery and a liquor license. the drawbacks? no utilities up there. the buildings are pretty run down and the property is down and the property is basically impossible to get t are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from. careful, though -- that kind of power can go to your head. that explains a lot.
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reaction in his left foot.. certainly didn't need h tonight agai the warriors lost backup point gafrd toe ne douglas for at least two weeks with a stress reaction in his left foot.
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they certainly did need him tonight against detroit, which couldn't fire. yeah. all the right moves and then some like this one. counselor, who was strong on both ends of the court and then it's andrew behind the back to david lee for the layup. lee, 17 points, #9d rebounds. yeah, you better stand up for that. how about lee? warriors led 35-16 after one, and steph curry had a game like 35 finding har son barns. now, this is what i call proerly love. first period. tar play. he scores to give saven hose the 2-0 lead, but comes to arm it back. two goals in less than four minutes. mark scores up the rebound, and that ties the game at 2. give me overtime. in ot, give me joe thornton. in front of the net to clean it up. the sharks win 3-2 to break
2:08 am
their five-game winless streak. >> and the sharks, their first four on four goal this season. brood stewart eets first goal the sharks since october of 2005. the sharks allowed just 12 shots in regulation. that's the fewest they have allowed since 2008. why is it one guy always seems to get all the blame? >> don't have nothing to kick around anymore. >> the 49er fans don't have kyle williams to kick around anymore either. he was released today. he'll be best remembered for his two fumbles in the 2011 nfc championship game. 49ers also released quarterback. i have on my hand the tuesday night top five. >> 125-pound stephny pulled in a 1,000-pound black marlin. what do you know you're the king when you walk to the basket and it doesn't get tall. beat the bucks. no.
2:09 am
3, using his head in more ways than one. he jumps to deflect the puck with his helmet. no. 2, dirk scored 19 points on nba career all time scoring list. and at no. 1, back to the warriors, steph curry goes behind the back, drives the lane. the floater seemingly forever. look at that baby behind the back and in. three home gam,,,,,,,,,,,,
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